The ritmo was awarded the

The GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD honours innovative and advanced patient-oriented solutions. The award will be presented at Medica on 16.11.2021.

What drives us

Setting new standards in stroke prevention

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The ritmo: Developed for you by doctors

Would you like to order your private stroke prevention or learn more about the ritmo?
Then please visit our myritmo website:

The Team

Cutting-edge technology

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising risk detection

Detecting stroke risks faster than ever before –
our Machine Learning Algorithm, based on real data
and validated by physicians, makes it possible.

This is how dpv-ritmo works

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dpv-ritmo for home

1. order your personal examination package.
2.You will receive it conveniently by post at home.
3. read the instructions and background information carefully. Put on the device.
4. send it back to dpv-analytics after the measurement.
5. you will receive the results electronically or, if you wish, by post.
6. in case of atrial fibrillation, consult a cardiologist immediately. We will support you if necessary.