Network Partner

In 2021, we launched a nationwide atrial fibrillation screening for stroke prophylaxis together with HanseMerkur Insurance. For this purpose, interested privately insured persons receive an examination with the ritmo Mini-EKG with a recording time of 72 hours and subsequent central evaluation and reporting.

If medical abnormalities are detected, e.g. atrial fibrillation, we would like to give these privately insured persons the opportunity to contact a cardiologist in their region directly. Therefore, we are currently building a network of cardiological practices nationwide and invite you to become part of this network.

What does this mean for you specifically?

If you participate, you do not enter into any obligations and do not have to make any payments to us! We would recommend you as a practice to private patients in your region who have a medical indication and do not yet have cardiological care.

If the patient decides to use your practice, you can request the physician’s ECG from us free of charge and provide the necessary treatment.

What’s next?

In the current project alone, we will perform ECG screening on several thousand private patients. We are talking to other private health insurance companies and expect to be performing cardiac screening on tens of thousands of patients each year in the near future. We would also like to be able to name your practice for these projects.