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3 Base

State-of-the-art technology: the wireless, full 3-channel mini ECG with the waterproof biosensor (patch), analysis software and advanced AI algorithms.

The ritmo recorder continuously records your heart rhythm – if desired, up to 12 days at a time. Three different channels are used (3-channel ECG). Each channel independently records your heart rhythm. Thus, the recording provides a high degree of certainty that all heart signals can be measured correctly and continuously.

Each of our three recording channels measures your heart rhythm at 200 hertz per second. In total, this results in 600 data points per second, which we can evaluate in a very short time with a sensitivity and specificity > 90% using our novel software that works with artificial intelligence. For a 72-hour ECG, we are talking about over 155 million data points.

Despite this top performance, our device is designed so small that you can wear it as comfortably as possible without any restrictions.

The ritmo III is a medical device approved in the EU according to Directive 93/42/EEC.
The EU approval according to the new regulation MDR 2017/745 as well as the approval for the USA (FDA/510k) are currently being processed.

Our electrode patch is specially manufactured for the ritmo and suitable for long-term ECG recordings. It complies with the prescribed standards regarding biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and is latex-free as well as certified as a medical device.

The electrode carrier is a latex-free polyethlene foam and the electrode gel is a good conductive sold gel. The electrode is designed to ensure long recording times.

Software and hardware are CE certified according to MDD II a.

Artificial intelligence is the umbrella term for applications in which machines perform human-like intelligence tasks such as learning, judgment and problem solving. Machine learning (ML) technology – a subfield of artificial intelligence – teaches computers to learn from data and experience and to perform tasks ever more effectively. The ritmo’s artificial intelligence quickly and accurately evaluates the large amounts of data from a long-term ECG using ML, and is also certified as a medical device and approved throughout the EU.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing risk detection faster than ever before: our machine learning algorithm based on real data, validated by medical professionals, makes it possible.

The basis for the development of this software is our experience from many thousands of examinations, which we have collected as physicians over more than two decades. Together with our software engineers, we have used this treasure trove of data to develop a solution that will fundamentally improve preventive diagnostics, and not only in Germany.

As a full-fledged 3-channel ECG, the ritmo records the ECG at 200 hertz per channel, resulting in 600 data points per second and a very accurate picture of the heartbeat and heart rhythm. A 72-hour long-term ECG thus comprises more than 62 million data points, which can be evaluated within a few minutes thanks to artificial intelligence – better and faster than any human eye could do.


The portal is the system environment with which you can simplify and optimize your processes around long-term ECG diagnostics. Here you manage the Mini-EKG ritmo devices, track the examinations and receive our medically validated findings. All strictly in accordance with DSGVO and the highest security standards. With our user-friendly and intuitively understandable solution, we simplify and accelerate all processes in your practice.

The dpv analytics portal is the system environment with which you, as a physician, can simplify and optimize your cardiac care processes. You use our user-friendly hardware or our user-friendly ritmo for recording the ECG and our portal for accessing the results of our physician-validated analyses. All processes in the portal run strictly according to DSGVO and the highest security standards.

As a partner of dpv-analytics, you and your employees receive secure access to our portal. You can order your access by phone, in writing or via the form on our website. In addition, you will receive the starter package with our mini ECG devices.

In our portal you manage your Mini-EKG ritmo devices, you track the examinations and receive our findings. Our informative dashboard offers you all recordings, recording results and findings at a glance.

In detail, you can book ECG analyses for your patients, initialize and personalize the mini ECG. You can monitor the recording period and, once the recording is complete, transfer the data to our powerful evaluation systems with a one-click solution.

The recordings are automatically transferred to our AI and statistics modules to immediately identify arrhythmias and disease patterns in the recording.

From this moment on, our physicians are involved in the examination via a messaging system: they promptly validate the AI results, explain the outcome in writing, and formulate conclusions for further treatment of the patient.

Subsequently, the findings, notes and reports are automatically transferred to the portal and can be used by you, as the patient’s confidant, for discussions and the development of individual treatment plans.
Our ritmo system is a user-friendly and intuitively understandable solution for you that efficiently supports your daily practice routine.

  • Accessible on all major browsers
  • responsive solution
  • Can be combined with desktop app for Windows and Mac for greater security and ease of use
  • Windows from version Windows 7
  • Internet access with at least 50 Mbit download and 25 Mbit upload required
  • Interfaces to common patient management systems via xDT interface


Validated by our cardiologists

The intelligent evaluation by our AI is verified and validated by our cardiologists. All results are finally made available to you in a detailed findings folder. The report shows you the anonymized patient data as well as the basic data such as admission duration and recorded heartbeats.

You will also receive detailed information on all relevant ECG parameters, so that you are well prepared for the discussion with your patient. This includes information on atrial fibrillation, heart rate, heart rate average, sinus rhythm, bradycardia, AV block, pauses, heart rate variability, tachycardia, supraventricular and ventricular extrasystoles. Thus, you will receive a complete clinical report within 5 business days after upload. Also available within 24 / 48 hours upon request.

Now secure, flexible
and without investment
Long-term ECGs with the
ritmo system


We will be glad to advise you!

This is how our Diagnostic-as-a-service helps you:

Whether GKV, HZV, GOÄ or self-payer; all long-term ECGs are processed quickly and professionally and cardiologically validated.

Data protection is our top priority. All data is hosted in Germany. We strictly separate billing data and medical data (result report/LZ-EKG data) for highest security. Your advantages with the ritmo system: You do not have to invest in software and equipment. We provide you with our ritmo mini ECG. You always have the latest hardware and software in use. No cables, no buttons. With the specially developed electrode patch ritmo-Patch, application and removal is child’s play. Long battery life gives you the flexibility to manage recording times. Fast upload of ECG data via the diagnostic portal of dpv-analytics. Uncomplicated download of results, cardiologically validated. You can scale flexibly with the ritmo mini ECG and get additional equipment quickly if needed

Ekkehard Schmidt, MD,
Cardiologist and co-founder of the Cardiologicum Hamburg

All the experience of my 40 years of professional life as a cardiologist has gone into ritmo.

Your advantages:

  • For your practice, the ritmo system is like another colleague in the team, who reliably accompanies and relieves you for your long-term ECG reporting. In this way, you create more time for yourself and your patients.
  • As doctors, we know exactly how valuable it is to combine efficient practice processes with high medical quality.
  • Our ritmo system and your teams only have eyes for your patients – because we take care of everything else for you – if you want.

Scalable – Solutions

No matter in which area of healthcare you work, you do not have to tie yourself down for years with high investments.

If you have been working well with your existing ECG equipment and independent reporting is an essential part of your work and you enjoy it – simply continue to use it. In this case, simply use the ritmo system as a supplement, for example to work through peaks, to relieve the team during vacation periods or to outsource temporary reporting.

Of course, we will be happy to work out a solution tailored to your needs together with you.
And in an emergency, the ritmo system will be fully operational within 24 hours.


The customer support team is available for all questions relating to the use of the ritmo and also provides support for technical issues. Our logistics department ensures a fast supply of consumables.

And if something doesn’t work out or you need something – you can reach our hotline at: E-Mail at info@dpv-analytics.com or call us at: 040 350 31 31 – 41

When it comes to money…

With us, you only pay for what you really need. We would be happy to work out a utilization concept with you, in which you benefit from our ritmo system not only in terms of time. Feel free to contact us.

Try out the ritmo system without obligation. Since we are convinced of the benefits of our service, you do not have to commit yourself to a long-term contract with us and you can extend or terminate the service at any time.

Fields of application

With the full-fledged 3-channel mini ECG, a long-term ECG can be recorded and evaluated for up to 12 days. Depending on your requirements, we can thus react flexibly to a wide variety of tasks.

  • Care of high-risk patients
  • 24 h / 48 h / or 72 h ECG
  • Clarification (after Smart Watch alarm)
  • Long and post covid
  • Follow-up after therapy
  • Studies

Plug and Play

It’s actually that simple:
To use the ritmo system, all you need is a PC with a USB connection and Internet access – that’s it.

You manage the Mini-EKG ritmo devices, examinations and findings via our portal. Everything strictly according to DSGVO and highest security standards.

Step by step

If you are interested in the ritmo system, please contact one of our service staff so that we can prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Within 24 h you will receive your individual start package consisting of:

• our ritmo Mini ECG devices (number depending on your requirements)
• one or more ritmo charging and uploading stations
• our electrode patches (ritmo patch)
• a secure access to our portal.

So you have all components for a safe, fast and reliable diagnosis.

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