Our vision

Preventing instead of treating

In Germany, hundreds of thousands of people live with cardiac arrhythmias without knowing it, because the prevailing long-term ECG is time-consuming and also personnel- and cost-intensive. Many secondary diseases, such as strokes, are not prevented in time. This has serious consequences for patients – but also for health insurers and the community.

We want to and will change this. We have set ourselves the goal of using the possibilities of modern digital technology to break new ground in diagnostics.

We want to give physicians and patients new tools for making reliable diagnoses and enforce them quickly and across the board. Because they are cost-effective. Because they are easy and attractive to use. And because they are convenient for patients.

In this way, we will achieve the long overdue paradigm shift in dealing with high-risk patients. Away from treatment and toward prevention.

Everyone who is prevented from having a stroke is one less who needs to be treated.

We want to realize our vision together with you:
Safe long-term ECG diagnostics that can be used anywhere, saves time and is cost-effective. Think of the ritmo system as another colleague – for you and your team.

What drives us

Our responsibility

In the metropolitan areas of the big cities, medical care is good. But even here there are long waiting times for an appointment with a specialist – and even here it takes a long time for a long-term ECG to be applied. But what about rural areas: the death of practices, a shortage of doctors and long journeys to medical care.

One thing is certain: The development of medical care in Germany is caught between demographic change and the concentration of many medical services in urban centers.

Many practices will be closing down in the near future due to age, while at the same time there are not enough young doctors willing to take over these practices, as they shy away from the investment costs of their own practice and or attach greater importance to a good work-life balance.

With our System-ritmo, we enable the best possible care even in places where, without us, there would soon no longer be any cardiac or stroke prophylaxis.