Our vision

What drives us

Setting new standards in stroke prevention

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Prevention instead of treatment

In Germany, tens of thousands of high-risk patients are not diagnosed with a stroke at all, because the predominant long-term ECG is time-consuming and, at the same time, labour and cost-intensive. Many strokes are therefore not prevented in time. This has serious consequences, not only for the patients but also for health insurers and the community.

We want to change this, and we will change it.

Our goal is to explore new horizons in diagnostics, using the opportunities that modern digital technology provides.

We want to give doctors and patients new tools to make reliable diagnoses and to start using them quickly and extensively. Because they are inexpensive. Because they are easy and attractive to use. And because they are comfortable for the patient.

In this way, we will reach the long-overdue paradigm shift in dealing with high-risk patients. Moving from treatment to prevention.

Every person that is saved from a stroke is one less person that needs to be treated.