Ritmo mit Münze

HanseMerkur and dpv expand their cooperation in screening with Mini-EKG. “dpv-ritmo”

Initially started as a three-month project with around 200 participants in Hamburg and Berlin, HanseMerkur and dpv are now gradually expanding their cooperation on digital heart screening with dpv-ritmo across Germany.

More about our partner HanseMerkur (German only).

This is how digital stroke prevention works
The patients receive the device conveniently sent to their home and can put it on themselves thanks to its easy handling. “Dpv-ritmo” is applied wirelessly to the chest with a waterproof plaster, where it records a full 3-channel ECG. Unlike conventional EKGs, “dpv-ritmo” works entirely without cables and is shower-proof. After three days, the patient takes the device off again and sends it back to dpv-analytics. There the recorded data is analyzed with high precision by special software. It works with machine learning algorithms – also called artificial intelligence. The result is validated by experienced cardiologists before the patient receives it. If there is a conspicuous ECG finding that should be clarified cardiologically, dpv-analytics also seeks an exchange with the treating doctor or, if necessary, supports with quick access to suitable specialists. The network of specialists at dpv is growing steadily and is open to anyone who wants to participate.