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This is how dpv-ritmo works

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Diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence – medically validated

dpv-ritmo is the smart digital screening system for atrial fibrillation. It opens up completely new dimensions in the prevention of strokes. Lengthy analyses have come to an end: dpv-ritmo ensures that many more high-risk patients can be examined easily, quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

The system has two core elements. The hardware is a biosensor developed by dpv. It is applied wirelessly to the chest in a waterproof plaster and records the patient’s ECG data.

The software that evaluates this data works with Machine Learning Algorithms – also known as Artificial Intelligence. This software has been developed based on the experiences we have gathered as doctors from the many thousands of examinations conducted over more than two decades. Together with our software engineers, we have developed a solution from this collection of data that will revolutionise preventive diagnostics, not just in Germany.

With dpv-ritmo, we redefine screening – to the benefit of patients, doctors and insurance companies.

The five steps of digital screening

1. Click and Go – Stick on patches with biosensor
2. Biosensor captures the ECG data
3. Software evaluates data and generates the findings
4. Our cardiologists check the results
5. Checked results

The software provides the doctor with precise screening results, which are medically validated
The biosensor: small, compact, easy to install

Your primary contact

For all inquiries, please contact Andreas Feike.
He is happy to help you.

Andreas Feike can be reached at: +49 40 350 31 31 0

dpv-ritmo for doctors

Are you looking for more speed and more security with screening? And at the same time unlock additional earning potential – with € 0 investment costs.

We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information about our solution.

As a member of the evaluation community, you will also receive regular updates about further developments.

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dpv-ritmo for cooperation partners

Are you a health insurer and want to prevent strokes rather than having them treated at high cost?

We will show you the savings potential that you can count on as a cooperation partner.
Are you a healthcare provider and want to provide your patients with smart stroke prevention?

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dpv-ritmo for patients

Are you tired of having your whole body wired for screening for days on end?

Do you want smart foresight with smart comfort?
We will tell you which doctors practices in your area are already using dpv-ritmo and how you can also use the biosensor as part of the do-it-yourself procedure.

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