The “Web Talk Show” with Stephan Kranz, M.D.

The well-known presenter Nico Gutjahr asks different questions – as he proves every day in his entertaining “Webtalkshow”. He has now won more than 45,000 subscribers for his Internet television show, and more than 250,000 hours of the mostly entertaining interviews were watched in 2021 alone. Gutjahr’s interview partners have included Gregor Gysi, Hella von Sinnen, Mola Adebisi, Jannik Schümann, Anja Kling…

In the meantime, more than 1000 names are on Gutjahr’s guest list – among them now also Dr. Stephan Kranz. The Hamburg physician and managing partner of dpv-analytics GmbH introduces the ritmo and shows how it can prevent strokes.

The entire interview can be seen in a good 15-minute video on Youtube.

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